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Your privacy is important to us. This website uses cookies to ensure you receive the best possible visitor experience and we strive to give you full and honest information about the cookies that we use on our site.

This Cookies Policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which sets out how and when we will use your personal information.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data that is sent by a web server to an internet user's computer and then stored on that computers hard drive. Each cookie contains text, the contents of which are set by the website's server, and is like an identification card which can only be translated by the server it originated from (e.g. when the user visits the website).

Cookies cannot tell us information such as your email address, which we can only collect where you tell us.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are stored in your computer's memory for the length of your browsing session. Session cookies are used when there is a need to keep a track on your activity during a visit to our site. They become inaccessible after the session has been inactive for a set time and are automatically deleted from your computer when the browser is closed. The particular session cookie used by our website is:

PHPSESSID & JSESSIONID cookie - this cookie allows our web servers to respond to your actions on our website such as when browsing our website. These are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you close your browser. When you restart your browser and go back to our site, our site will not recognise you.

The Website Will:

Track the pages you visits via Google Analytics

Third Party Cookies

In the event that we use our site to display YouTube videos or other third party content, the third party content provider may set cookies on your computer in order to deliver their services. The Humber Bridge Board does not have any control over these cookies. To find out more about such cookies, please consult the cookies policy of the relevant third party.

Further information about cookies

Most internet browsers allow you to prevent cookies being stored on your computer. Alternatively you may be able to configure your browser to accept all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is offered by our server. You may also be able to delete all cookies currently stored on your web browser.

Therefore unless you change your browser settings you will automatically accept cookies from this website. For further information about cookies and how they are used, please visit